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How to keep working towards your goals when faced with obstacles beyond your control


You have a goal. You have the passion and drive. You are excited and can’t wait to start working towards it. You start.

It’s challenging. Everything worth doing is always going to be challenging. But you’ve got this. You can do anything you put your mind to.

As long as it’s in your control, you’ll figure it out.


But what happens when things you can’t control stop your progress or create hurdles for you?

These are harder to deal with. How can you work with something that you can’t control?

How can you keep working towards your goals if you are facing obstacles that are beyond your control?


This has happened to me so many times I can’t even begin to count. Infact, it still happens.

How do I deal with it?

See below.


How to keep working towards your goals when faced with obstacles beyond your control


Awareness that this is part of life


I wont lie. When something you can’t control halts your progress, it can be very demeaning. It affects me too affecting my happiness.

But the first step to overcoming this is to be aware and accept that things will always happen in life that are beyond your control.

Even if you don’t understand why it has to be that way, or why that had to happen, there’s always a chance that something will throw you off.

Once you have accepted this, it will be easier to deal with the emotions from the setback.

Also, EXPECTING that something will throw you off your path at some point or another will allow you to see this coming and not feel overwhelmed.




When something beyond our control happens to us, the first thing we do is react rather than respond – because we don’t know how to respond. Or it sets off our emotions so strongly, that we just react before having a chance to think about it.

When I’m faced with an obstacle, I try my hardest to first think of a solution to overcome this obstacle.

Even if it is beyond my control, there must be a way to mitigate the problem.

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do. In this case, it is best to just accept and see how to move forward.

Sometimes, things happen so as to put us on the path we are meant to be on without releasing this.


Visualise success


The best way to keep going to to envision the final stage – that stage where you want to be.

What does it look like?

Visualise it in full HD colour.

It will rekindle your passion, your drive, that fire in your belly.

Think to yourself, what is the alternative? Do I want the alternative? No. Then I must keep going.

Straight way, you’ll begin to think of ways to keep pushing forward. That fire in your belly will tell you anything is possible and achievable and you can do it.


Be positive and think of how far you have come


Negative emotions have a way of blowing everything out of proportion.

The best way to keep everything in balance and perspective is to reflect on how far you’ve come, all the things you have achieved.

This can help calm down the emotions.

You may also realise that you faced another unfathomable obstacle before and you overcame it. This gives you the courage and mindset to know that you can overcome this too.


Life is too short


In the grand scheme of things, this obstacle may just be a tiny dot on your timeline.

Life really is short and days, months, years fly by just like that.

If an obstacle has thrown you off course, is it really that bad that it prevents you from working towards your goals?

5 years from now, will this obstacle even mean anything?

It is only temporary, you just need to find a way around it or over it.

And even if this obstacle is so big that it prevents you from continuing with your work, do you really want to spend the limited days of your life mulling over something negative when it was beyond your control?

Isn’t it better to move on and start working towards something else that once again gives you that purpose and sense of meaning?

In life, we face ups and downs, but it is better to have more happy days than sad days. You decide if you want to be happy or you would rather be sad.


Calm down, meditate, take a walk, find a way to peace


Obstacles that prevent us from achieving goals are messing with our sense of purpose. This can really shake us up.

It is naturally to be overwhelmed with emotions.

When I face an obstacle, I schedule down time.

I need to find mental peace so that I can think clearly.

If my mind is constantly ruminating, replaying the obstacle, it will prevent me from finding a solution.

So I find a way to mental peace. This is usually taking a walk in the woods, having a calming tea or meditating. You may have another way e.g. listing to calming music, taking a relaxing bath, lighting a candle, journaling etc.

When your mind is calm, it is easier to think of solutions.

Even if the obstacle is beyond your control, you’ll be able to think of ways to move ahead.


What is your why?


If you are working towards a goal, there is a reason WHY.

If you want to be successful, it could be to provide a better life for your family, it could be to be financially free, it could be to help those in need.

If you want to lose weight, it could be to gain more confidence etc.

No matter what you are working towards, there is a WHY.

When you are faced with an obstacle, ask yourself WHY am I doing this?

That WHY will be strong enough to get you over the mountain.


Take some downtime


If you are not the kind of person who meditates or can find peace in solitude, then find a way to get your mind off the issue by having fun!

Go out and have a good time, pursue one of your hobbies, travel.

Just do something that gives your mind a break and you’ll come back feeling much better.

In a happier state, it is easier to deal with things that are beyond your control.


Talk to your friends or family


Finding a way through an obstacle that is beyond your control can be hard.

But speaking to those who care about you and want to see you succeed can help.

With one brain, solutions are limited. However, with multiple brains, there are synergies.

Someone may actually be able to propose a solution that makes this obstacle controllable. You just never know.

Even if no one can suggest a solution, sharing your pain with someone through talking about it can help with your emotions.


Eat better, Exercise More, Get enough Sleep and Work on your Mindset


When we face obstacles, we have a tendency to retract inwards. We eat junk, do not exercise, spend hours in bed worrying and have a negative demeanour around us.

Mentally, we are quite down and our body language reflects this. Our mind becomes even more convinced that things are not ok after checking in with our body making us feel worse.

When you are faced with an obstacle, it is now more than ever that you need to take charge of your life.

Push yourself to eat well, get that exercise, calm your mind, sleep well, get fresh air, think positive.

If you let yourself go, things will get worse.

If you stay in control of yourself, you’ll be back on track to work towards your goals faster than you know it.

This is definitely not an easy thing to do, I struggle as well. But with practice, you’ll get better.


How to keep working towards your goals when faced with obstacles beyond your control


I hope the 10 ways above on how to keep working towards your goals when faced with obstacles beyond your control were useful.

They are things that help me in my life when faced with obstacles and they may help you too.

All in all, keep going. You have to believe to achieve.

There’s a quote that I really love: Nothing worth achieving came easy.

Remember this every time you face a setback and know that the sun will rise over the mountain again.

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