Hi there! My name is Ru and I’m the founder of Better Food Mood, a health and wellness brand.


Through this brand, I hope to bring functional natural foods and herbal teas to you that may better both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Additionally, I also hope to spread some happiness, smiles, positivity and inspiration along the way 🙂

how it all started…

My nutrition journey started when I was 14. In school, we were learning that a balanced diet meant fruit, veg, eggs, meat, dairy and fish. Having been vegetarian since birth, I knew my diet was lacking.

On my Compaq computer, I started browsing the world wide web after school to discover new foods which could supplement my diet naturally. It was during this time that I discovered seeds and nuts and the powerhouses of nutrients that they are.

When I was older, I went on to study Economics at the London School of Economics. Naturally, I ended up working in the corporate world which did not feel true to me. I knew I was born to do more.

I decided to take the leap and set up my own small business. I found my life purpose – I dreamed of having a successful business through which I could help those in need.

I started and failed
in several businesses,
learning a lot along
the way and gaining
a lot of personal growth.

It was during this time that I picked up yoga, meditation
and discovered foods such as ashwagandha that could help
me cope with the stress and insomnia that I was facing as
an entrepreneur.

Ofcourse, tea rituals were an essential part of my stress
relief during this time.

In 2022, I found my ikigai – Better Food Mood. This was a vehicle through which I could talk about what I loved (food and self-growth)


through which I could help people – directly through the healthier foods I have in my store, but also indirectly by contributing to charity.

Since then, it has been go go go for me. In 2023, I exhibited at 4 major exhibitions. My sales grew by 2200% allowing me to…

start supporting my first charity SUFRA – a food bank. They provide food aid to those unable to afford food. They also organise community kitchens that create a sense of connection for those who can’t afford a restaurant meal. Within 1.5 years of starting up my business, I donated £1000 to SUFRA.

This year, I started supporting another two charities, The Invisible Girl Project (which rescues babies and girls from female gendercide / trafficking and provides them with a safe home) and Pratham UK (which provides girls with education and employment opportunities). On Women’s Day 2024, I donated a total of £500 to both of these charities.