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Raw Cacao Orange Indulgence Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl Recipe – Oats Recipes – Porridge Recipes – Vegan Recipes


If you are looking for ultimate indulgence, then this is it. This chocolicious raw cacao and orange porridge oats are the most indulgent oats you could ask for.

Chocolate and orange are destined to be together until the end of time. I believe they are made for each other. For all my chocolate lovers, you know that the combination of chocolate and orange is just the best combo that could ever exist. They go so well together.

I used raw cacao to make this chocolate oatmeal porridge bowl as raw cacao is much more healthier and less refined than cocoa powder. However, you can also use cocoa powder if you don’t have raw cacao.

Having said that, this is a health blog 🙂 so we want to use the best ingredients for our breakfast. Invest in raw cacao and replace your cocoa powder with it. You can add raw cacao to milkshakes, smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, cakes, you name it.

I used satsumas for this oats breakfast bowl as they are easy to peel and I just think they are cute. You can use any type of orange such as actual oranges or tangerines. Honestly, I don’t even know what the difference is between all the various oranges. They all generally taste the same, apart from the way they can be eaten or peeled.

I added dark chocolate on top and you can skip this if you are vegan or alternatively, use vegan dark chocolate.

I also used honey as my sweetener but you can use maple syrup if you are vegan.

I used water to cook the oats and if you would like them creamier, either use dairy milk or a neutral plant based milk such as oat milk or almond milk.

These chocolate orange oats are also perfect if you are looking to cook a quick yummy breakfast that your children will love. I am a big kid at heart and I love these oats, so I attest to their yumminess 🙂






50g raw oats

Water as required (or milk)

1 tsp raw cacao powder

1 satsuma orange peeled

1 tsp honey / maple syrup


For Garnishing:


1 satsuma orange

Dark Chocolate

Additional honey / maple syrup if required




In a pan on a medium flame, add the oats and water.

Separate the inner satsuma segments and add these to the oats.

Add the cacao powder and stir.

Keep stirring intermittently and cook the oats until you have the desired consistency.

Switch off the flame, pour into a bowl and garnish with satsuma.

Add the dark chocolate and drizzle more sweetener if you would like.

Enjoy this indulgent chocolate orange oat bowl hot.


Raw Cacao Orange Indulgence Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl Recipe – Oats Recipes – Porridge Recipes – Vegan Recipes


Why have the same boring breakfast everyday when you could switch it up and have so many different flavours?

That is why I love oats. One day I’m enjoying a chocolate bowl of oats, the following day I’m enjoying a moringa vanilla oat porridge.

There are so many flavours you could make your breakfast oatmeal with and this raw cacao chocolate orange oatmeal porridge bowl is a wonderful example. It’s almost like having dessert for breakfast!

Feel free to add more chocolate chips or other chocolate toppings if you so desire 🙂

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