Spooky Halloween Golden Turmeric Latte Drink – Halloween Treats

As Halloween descends, I wanted to create something a little different to the usual Halloween treats. I decided to go for a golden turmeric milk latte drink but with a twist – make it less latte like and more hot chocolate like – because why not??

Most turmeric lattes out there are your standard turmeric latte with foam – because I suppose that’s what a latte is – but it is coming to winter and it’s time to create something a little more cosy and fun – so I added whipped cream, marshmallows and white chocolate ghosts to this turmeric latte drink.

This turmeric golden milk was the epitome of indulgent and I savoured every moment of it. The spices were so warming and delicious and in combination with the whipped cream, marshmallows and white chocolate ghosts, it was just something else – why don’t more people make it this way??

Anyway, here’s my recipe. Once Halloween passes, feel free to swap the ghosts with something more Christmassy like candy canes!

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1 cup hot milk

1/2 tsp Better Food Mood’s Golden Turmeric Latte Mix

1/2 tsp sugar or other sweetener


To Garnish:

Whipped cream

Vegan M&S Marshmallows

White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Turmeric powder


1.Prepare your white chocolate ghosts 

Melt the white chocolate and used a spoon to make the ghost.

Drop melted white chocolate in a circular form on aluminium foil.

Use a spoon to spread out the white chocolate slightly into a ghost like form

Melt the dark chocolate and use this to make eyes and a mouth.

Put this in the fridge so that the chocolate solidifies faster.


2. Prepare your turmeric latte drink

Add 1/2 tsp of golden latte spice mix into your cup.

Pour hot milk into the cup

Add sugar

Stir until mixed.


3. Garnish

Add whipped cream on top of your golden latte drink

Garnish with marshmallows and white chocolate ghosts

Sprinkle some turmeric for that sparkle.


And your spooky Halloween golden turmeric latte drink is ready!

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