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Why do I feel so irritable and how to stop being so irritable?

Irritability. It’s one of those things that’s not very easy to shake off.

What is irritability for those of you have been lucky enough not to experience it?

Is everything and everyone bothering you lately? You’re always in a bad mood and when someone says something silly, it annoys you even further you just want to punch them?

Well, in layman’s terms, that is irritability. Simple things that would not normally upset you suddenly start bothering you. You snap at people and get upset easily.

If you know that you have become irritable and want to do something about it, that’s a very good start. Most people don’t even realise that they are irritable.

The problem with feeling irritable is that it affects your state of mind and makes you less productive. It will also rub off on others around you and induce negative vibes creating a stressful environment.


What are the causes of irritability?


  1. Stress

From my experience, irritability normally stems from some sort of life stress. Something must be happening in your life to make you irritable.

It could be work stress: meeting deadlines or dealing with certain people at work.

It could be financial stress: failing to meet the bills or failing to get that promotion

It could be family stress: children always throwing a ruckus or someone behaving unreasonably

It could be any kind of stress really maybe to do with friends, politics, the world (e.g. the pandemic), school or community.


2. Lack of sleep

This is a big one. When you don’t sleep, it’s very easy to become irritable.

Lack of sleep means that you can’t focus, things don’t get done, you struggle to get through the day, the brain just doesn’t seem to function.

When someone says something mildly annoying, you’re more likely to get irritable as you don’t need something more on your plate to deal with. The brain is already trying hard enough.


3. Depression and Anxiety

These work hand in hand with irritability because they can build on each other.

If you’re feeling depressed, you’re likely to feel irritable. If you’re feeling anxious, you’re likely to feel irritable. Anxiety can cause depression. Conversely, feeling irritable can make situations worse causing more depression and anxiety. It’s a vicious circle.

Depression and anxiety normally stem from stress as well.


4. Feeling “Hangry”

Ever come across the term Hangry? It’s slang for being angry when you’re hungry.

You may feel irritable if you are hungry. Your blood sugar level may be low making you more irritable.


5. Disease

If you are feeling ill, you may be prone to irritability.

When you are ill, you are not at your best and may struggle to get through the day.

Anything that goes downhill in life or if a person makes a retort, this may irritate you because you are not well and not in a good mood to begin with.


How to stop feeling so irritable?


  1. Figure out WHY you are feeling irritable

As I mentioned above, there is a reason why you are feeling irritable. What is that reason?

When you figure out the cause of the irritability, you can do something about it to feel better or if there’s nothing you can do, you can just let go and accept the situation.


2. Meditate

In order to figure out the cause of the irritability or to let go, meditation is what you may require.

The slow breathing helps to calm one down and also to centre yourself and let go of what you can’t control.

Sometimes, you may realise that you are blowing the situation out of proportion. You may also find the solution to the problem.


3. Get Sleep

Aim to sleep well everyday and get atleast 6-8 hours of sleep. We may feel that we are invincible and can do without sleep but we sleep for a reason.

When we sleep, the toxins in the brain get cleaned out. This cannot happen when we are awake. Lack of sleep, in the short run will make you irritable but you are risking bigger problems such as Alzheimer’s in the longer run.


4. Get some alone time

Constantly being around people and catering to them can make you more irritable and prevent you from fixing the problem.

Sometimes it helps to just get away and get some space for yourself to figure things out.


5. Do something fun

If you are feeling irritable, it could be to do with stress or depression.

Doing something fun like a hobby will give your mind a break from all of life’s stresses. This will help reduce your irritability.


6. Go out for a walk

It’s essential to get some fresh air. Go out, get some sunlight, get some fresh air.

Being cooped up in a room all day long can increase your irritability.

Going for a walk will feel relaxing and may inspire you to find a solution to a problem.


7. Exercise

The body doesn’t just need to eat and sleep to be in prime condition. We also need to be getting in that exercise.

Exercising releases adrenaline which makes you feel good. It also ensures your body is in good shape making you feel good.

Overall, it reduces irritability.


8. Does it matter?

Once you have figured out the cause of the irritability, you need to ask yourself if that issue will matter in 10 years time.

Maybe it is something fleeting i.e. you are irritated because your partner said something. Perhaps a work colleague retorted about something. Will you even remember this in 5 years time? Will it affect your life?

If not, let it go. Don’t let this affect your present moment. It’s not worth the energy.


9. Talk to someone

I find that talking to someone about something irritating you helps gravely.

They may be able to suggest solutions or help you look at the matter from a different angle.

They may not be able to help you. But just having someone to share your thoughts with can help you feel lighter and happier.


10. Journal

Not happy to talk about it with anyone? Then journal.

Journaling has the same effect as talking to someone. Only that you are sharing your thoughts with a book.

Putting your thoughts down on paper will help feel lighter. Journal for atleast 20 minutes.


Why am I feeling irritable and what to do about it?

As I mentioned above, you should figure out why you are feeling irritable and then look for a solution.

Do not just stay irritable. This will affect how your life pans out and will also affect others around you making situations worse.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article above and feel free to comment below on what you do when you are feeling irritable.


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