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We are now in another heatwave here in London and that can only mean one thing! Cold Chocolate coffee or Iced Mocha!

For the coffee lovers, I have this awesome recipe! Feel free to adjust it how you want. Add less water or add more milk, it’s a versatile drink!

I like my cold chocolate coffee with more milk – it tastes nicer creamier or you can opt for whole cream instead of milk.

I used instant nescafe coffee for this recipe. You can also use your own brewed coffee with coffee beans or ground coffee powder. This cold chocolate coffee can only taste better with a good quality coffee.


I first made the coffee as it would take some time to cool down.

I then made the chocolate syrup. I used part of it to drizzle inside my glass and the rest was mixed with the coffee.

You can make this vegan by using plant-based milk instead of dairy milk.

This iced mocha or cold chocolate coffee recipe was perfect for today as it is superhot here in the UK!





Makes 3 portions



For the instant coffee:

3 sachets of nescafe instant coffee

1 and 1/2 cups hot water

1 and 1/2 cups milk



For the Chocolate syrup:

4 tbsp raw cacao

3 tbsp brown sugar (add one more tbsp if you’d like it sweeter – I normally like my drinks less sweet)

8 tbsp milk or plant-based milk


For the Garnishing:

Lots of ice

Whipped cream

KitKat bar




Step 1:

Make the coffee.

Add the instant coffee to a jug, add very hot water and mix. Add the milk and mix again.

Place it in the fridge to cool down.


Step 2:

Prepare the chocolate syrup.

Place a pan on a low flame and add the raw cacao, sugar and milk.

Keep stirring the raw cacao mix until you get a smooth creamy chocolate syrup. The raw cacao and sugar will melt into the milk.

Switch off the flame.


Step 3:

Keep about 1tbsp of the chocolate syrup aside for drizzling on your glasses.


Step 4:

Once the coffee has cooled down, pour it into the remaining chocolate syrup and mix until the coffee and chocolate syrup have combined.


Step 5:

It’s now time to prepare the iced mocha or cold chocolate coffee.

Drizzle the chocolate syrup we had kept aside around the inner side of the glasses.

If some of this chocolate syrup remains, you can drizzle it on top of the whipped cream at the end.


Fill your glasses with ice. If you like your coffee on the milky side, do not add too much ice as this can water it down.

Pour the cold chocolate coffee over the ice.

Add the whipped cream.

Drizzle any remaining chocolate syrup.

Add a kitkat bar to finish off or any chocolate bar of your choice or a chocolate flake.

Enjoy right away!





Instant Coffee Iced Cold Chocolate Coffee – Iced Mocha – Coffee Recipes – Chocolate Recipes – Hot Summer Drinks Recipes


This is a super quick drink recipe to make to cool down in summer. The best part is it uses ingredients already on hand. But only put this iced mocha together when you are about to have it. My whipped cream just melted so quickly!

Make it vegan by using plant-based milk and skip the whipped cream.

Use a vegan chocolate bar for garnishing.

You can serve this to your guests during summer and they will be super impressed! Enjoy xx

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