I sponsored a community kitchen at SUFRA worth £250 thanks to you

Yesterday evening, I sponsored my second community kitchen at SUFRA worth £250 from the sales made at Better Food Mood, thanks to your support.

Community kitchens at SUFRA are a restaurant style setting that serve up 2 or 3 course meals to people in the local community and they are open to everyone.


Such kitchens are aimed at creating a sense of community by allowing people to gather and enjoy a delicious free meal.

They are particularly beneficial to those families living in poverty, refugees, people experiencing homelessness and social isolation, who may not be able to afford a restaurant meal.

Not being able to interact with the community or other people due to financial restraints or other circumstances can cause mental health issues such as depression and loneliness. Such kitchens allow those in difficult circumstances to stay connected.


I requested SUFRA to organise a vegetarian kitchen.

For mains, they served rice with chickpea curry, beetroot infused dahi vada, salad and fried banana fritters.

For dessert, they served a beetroot poached pear tart with vanilla custard.

Such kitchens hopefully help to combat mental health challenges arising from loneliness/isolation or other difficult circumstances. This is in line with what I’m hoping to achieve with Better Food Mood too – enabling people to live happier 🙂


I am eternally grateful to all of you who have supported my business thus far. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you.


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