Better Food Mood is now supporting Food Bank SUFRA – a charity that provides meals to the vulnerable in the cost of living crisis

I am so so excited today to announce that I’ll be supporting Food Bank and charity, SUFRA, based in North West London through the sales made from Better Food Mood.

I visited SUFRA today and spoke to Fahim and Sabina, who gave me an in-depth understanding of what SUFRA does, how it helps people and how Better Food Mood could get involved.

SUFRA is a food bank and community kitchen based in North West London that provides food aid as well as training and advice to those living in extreme poverty, those who are physically disabled, vulnerable, in a refugee status or socially isolated.

They also organise community kitchens which are open to everyone, no matter who they are, to come down and have a free 2 or 3 course meal, promoting a sense of community.




Food Aid

SUFRA works with 170 different agencies including councils, job centres etc who refer those who are vulnerable to SUFRA.

Food Parcels

Every week, SUFRA provides a food parcel to a vulnerable individual or family that consists of non perishable items such as pasta, rice, tinned food as well as perishables such as fruit, veg, bread, pastries. These individuals and families are unable to afford food due to the increased cost of living and SUFRA helps them by providing food on the table.





Ready Meals

Several of the individuals that SUFRA works with stay in HMOs whereby multiple people live under one roof. Their housing may be in poor condition including the kitchens which may make it difficult for the individuals to cook.

Some of these individuals may also be physically or mentally disabled making it difficult for them to cook using raw ingredients.

SUFRA has an in-house chef who prepares ready meals that are delivered each week which may be prepared fresh or may be frozen. These can then be defrosted and eaten as and when required. Each week, seven meals are delivered and these also include easy eat meals that don’t need cooking such as biscuits, pot noodles, cuppa soup or snack bars.

After 6 weeks of delivering food parcels, the recipients visit Brent Hubs for a further assessment on their situation and how it can be improved.

Currently, SUFRA is providing food aid to over 800 – 900 people a week in the Brent Borough.




Community (Mental Health)

As well as providing food aid, SUFRA also focuses on creating a community. They believe in creating a warm space for those who are homeless, isolated, lonely or mentally challenged.

This is something I really liked about SUFRA because it’s not just about food but mental health as well, which are two things that resonate with BETTER FOOD MOOD as well – nutrition and self-development.

SUFRA organises community kitchens 4 days a week which is open to anyone, not just the homeless but those who may be feeling lonely too. Every community kitchen hosts between 60 – 100 people.

These community kitchens serve up 2 or 3 course meals whilst creating an ambience with a likeness to that of visiting a restaurant. The tables are laid out with cutlery, they run a full table service and treat the guests with dignity and respect, just like they would experience if visiting a restaurant.

These community kitchens are great for those who may be in crisis, who can share food and laughter in a social environment creating a sense of community.

As I’ve mentioned time and again, it isn’t just what we feed our bodies that matters but also what we feed our mind. We are a social species and having that sense of community, a bond with those around us ensures a healthy mind.

Once a month, themed kitchens are held showcasing foods from around the world. The latest one held was a Japanese fusion themed kitchen.




Community Garden

SUFRA also has a community garden where lots of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables are grown. The local community is welcome to visit, pay what they can for what they pick and volunteer to grow food.

This once again creates a fun space to socialise, get to know the local community and improve the appearance of the estate.




This garden is also open to children who are taught about different fruits and vegetables that they may not know about and are taught how to eat healthy i.e. food is not just a KitKat.

In the summertime, the children undertake various activities such as painting or making their own musical instruments. Today, they were making woodland bug hotels!


Advice Service

Sufra NW London also has advisors who help those who may be struggling with finances, debt, housing, immigration etc guiding them to a better life.



SUFRA also offers opportunities to those feeling isolated or experiencing mental health issues to volunteer in different roles around the charity from packing food parcels to delivering them as well as volunteering in the kitchen or garden.

This once again creates a sense of community, also providing essential skills to those who may need this for work experience.



How Better Food Mood will get involved

Better Food Mood will get involved in supporting SUFRA by donating financial aid that will go towards food aid as well as sponsoring community kitchens.

For me, both food and mental health is a priority and getting involved in supporting both these areas is what I would love to do.

I will keep you posted as we go along with all the support I provide to SUFRA through Better Food Mood and it would not be possible without your support.

Thank you so much for enabling me to be in a position whereby I can support this food bank ♡

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