Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to visit Better Food Mood. My name is Ru and I am the founder of Better Food Mood, a health and wellness brand.

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better food mood combines my two loves, nutrition and self-development

Through this brand, I hope to bring functional natural foods and herbal teas to you that will better both your physical and mental health.

Additionally, I also hope to spread some happiness, smiles, positivity and inspiration along the way 🙂






Better Food Mood is about eating right and the idea that food can directly impact how you feel, both physically and mentally.

But just eating healthy is not enough. What we feed our mind and how we live our life also matters.

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Gratitude turns what we have into enough

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My nutrition journey started when I was 14. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and I was always interested in raw foods that could complement my health naturally. Every week, I would have a new food to add to the shopping list which my mum was not too happy about.




Over time, I went on to work in the corporate world which didn’t feel true to me. I decided to take the leap and set up my own small business. I started and failed several times, learning a lot along the way and gaining a lot of personal growth.



My life goal had always been to help as many people as I could. My dream was to have a business through which I could do this.

In 2022, I found my ikigai – Better Food Mood. This was a vehicle through which I could talk about what I loved (food and self-growth)


 through which I could help people – directly through the healthier foods I have in my store, but also indirectly by contributing to charity.




I’m proud to say that last month, thanks to your support, I started supporting my first charity SUFRA in north west London which is a food bank. They provide food aid to those unable to afford food due to the cost of living crisis. They also organise community kitchens that create a sense of connection for those who can’t afford a restaurant meal.




I care about the environment too and I’m constantly on the look out to improve my packaging to make it more sustainable. I am proud to say that all the packaging for my seed mixes can now be recycled at store with other bags.

Some bags have stickers on them, please do remove these stickers so that these bags can be recycled.



I will soon be introducing new tea bags for my herbal teas that are made from corn-fibre and are fully biodegradable. They have no plastic in them. These will be an alternative more expensive option but hopefully a first step to making the tea bags more sustainable. Keep watching this space.


Feel free to follow me on instagram or tiktok @betterfoodmood. Here, I post various recipes, lifestyle tips and you can follow my story as I grow better food mood.




Thank you for visiting my store and I hope you can take something positive away whether it is in the form of a real food or inspiration. Much love xxx